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Hoofprints Across Time: A Trail Ride to Remember
Soft Cover




Have you ever wanted to step back in time and ride in a wilderness that was rich in history? Then come with me back to 1877 and follow a trail the Nez Perce traveled in search of freedom. General O.O. Howard had orders to move the Nim-ee-poo onto a reservation and force them to live under white man’s rules. Chief Joseph refused and led nine-hundred people and two-thousand Appaloosa horses on a flight to freedom for thirteen-hundred miles. The exodus took its toll with winter setting in, starvation, skirmishes with the Cavalry, and the loss of life. History has recorded the end of the trail and the outcome. But, to truly experience the Nez Perce National Historic Trail, you need to be in the saddle. This book will take you there, step by step by hoofprint, boot, and moccasin, and your spirit will see the “Hoofprints Across Time.”

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