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Christy Wood adds ‘author’ to resume


by Christy Wood
AuthorHouse, 2009
158 pages, paper, $22.95

   Some spend their entire lives searching for what they were meant to do. Others have known their path for as long as they can remember.
   The latter is the case for Christy Wood of Three Rivers, who today is a horsewoman of unprecedented accomplishments.
   She owns the Wood ‘N’ Horse Training Stables on North Fork Drive, but travels the world regularly as a champion rider of Appaloosas, trainer for the Wood ‘N’ Horse Show Team and, for nearly two decades, an accredited judge for horse shows.
   Christy’s recently published book, Your Best Horse Show  may sound like a technical manual for the serious horse-show competitor or organizer, but it is also a fascinating compendium of Christy’s experiences, all which have led her to where she is today in the world of horse shows.
 Even if you’ve never thought about organizing a horse show — perhaps because you crunch numbers at a computer all day or stand behind a counter and assist customers 40 hours a week — this book will make you want to get rid of the necktie or, if the case may be, trade the pumps for a pair of boots, and hit the arena. It is written in plain language that even the biggest city slicker will be able to understand.
   Then there are chapters devoted to each job that is integral to the success of a horse show: manager (“A horse show manager is a person with very broad shoulders, who can multi-task and solve any problems that cross their path”), secretary (“The first person the show manager wants to select is a show secretary”), judges (“...exhibitors will appreciate and pay a little more for the expertise of a qualified, carded judge”), announcer (“An announcer can enhance the ebb and flow of a horse show”), and other personnel, including ring stewards (“The objective is to have an adequate number of ring stewards to manage the arena and assist the judges”), gate person (“It is their responsibility to get all exhibitors of a class into the arena when called”), and others.
   The “Facilities” chapter includes everything necessary when scoping out an arena, while “Show Program” walks readers through how to properly publicize their event, both before and during the show. The “Awards” chapter makes sure this all-important aspect of the horse show is not overlooked.

-Sarah Elliot